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The Dream Team


Ken HillKen Hill, Editor-in-Chief
Mary ClarkMary Clark, Senior Editor


Leroy BeasleyLeroy Beasley, Senior Staff Writer
Patio (8)
Roy MayesRoy Mayes, Senior Staff Writer
Camping (20), Patio (1)
Michael ClemmonsMichael Clemmons, Senior Staff Writer
Luggage (5), Bags (6), Gym (1)
Shane SextonShane Sexton, Writer
Laundry (2), Home Decoration (1), Equipment (2), Cleaning (2)
Clifford KangClifford Kang, Writer
Beach (6)
Rebecca WeissRebecca Weiss, Writer
Teeth Care (7), Body Care (3)
Danny SmithDanny Smith, Writer
Bags (1), Gym (2), Skating (3), Snow (2)
Pamela IbarraPamela Ibarra, Writer
Furniture (9)
Ruben LenahanRuben Lenahan, Junior Staff Writer
Dogs (4)


Gerald JohnsonGerald Johnson, Senior Researcher
Billy DunningBilly Dunning, Researcher
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