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Best Backpacking Chair

What makes the perfect backpacking chair can and will be different to each individual person. There are so many different styles and colors available now that backpacking chairs no longer fit under the “one size fits all” category. By discovering what it means to you, you can help narrow down the choices to find the […]

Camping Chair Reviews

Clever design and durability matter most when it comes to camping chairs. You should expect a product that won’t fall apart within days of purchase. However, it’s disappointing that many brands don’t offer a warranty than extends beyond a month. That means the onus falls on you to make the right choice […]

Camping Chairs With Footrest

No matter what type of camper you are, it’s nice to be able to put your feet up from time to time and relax. But to do that you need a chair that’s not only comfortable but fits in with your needs – no-one wants to drag something cumbersome up a rock face! Alternate […]

Best Camping Chair

When it comes to a camping chair, you’re looking for simplicity. It shouldn’t be a hassle to use – just something you can erect in seconds before you move on to your tent. Indeed, if you’re planning on using one of these chairs for other purposes, it’s worthwhile to consider what expectations […]

Coleman Broadband Camping Chair With Carrying Bag Review

If so, Coleman’s Broadband chair is a sound investment – as it’s lightweight and built out of resilient materials. Introducing the Coleman Broadband Camping Chair With Carrying Bag Its compact size when compressed means you’ll have no issues storing it in the car trunk. This is an ideal product to buy if you […]